Ski instructor booking platform launches new YouTube channel to create a global ski community

Leading ski and snowboard instructor booking platform Maison Sport has launched a new YouTube channel featuring top tips and ‘how to’ videos to engage and empower a community of winter sports enthusiasts.

The channel, which can be accessed here, promises to deliver engaging and informative content that appeals to skiing enthusiasts and those passionate about the alpine lifestyle. It includes instructional videos from ‘how to perform your first turns on skis’ to ‘how to improve your carved ski turns’ created by former British skiers, ex-Olympians and leading global instructors.

The videos are split into categories for beginners and intermediates, skiers and snowboarders and also include a range of introductory videos from leading instructors, allowing holiday goers to get to know their instructors before they hit the slopes with them.

Maison Sport’s full range of diverse, professionally made content includes:


  1. Expert Tips and Tutorials: The Maison Sport instructors have filmed virtual lessons where they take you through technical pointers to help improve your skiing. If you are new to skiing, these videos will give you some context as to what to expect in ski lessons and help reduce any anxiety you may have around learning. If you are at a more advanced level, the videos are perfect for preparing for your lessons and giving you inspiration for areas you might want to work on with your instructor.
  2. Guest Videos from Elite Athletes and Olympians: Gain access to exclusive content featuring some of the most respected individuals in the snow sports industry, including British Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller guiding you on ‘How to Carve on a Snowboard’ and former Olympian, BBC Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell sharing his expertise on ‘Conquering Steep Slopes.’ The Maison Sport YouTube channel brings you invaluable insider tips and knowledge directly from these esteemed professionals.
  3. Instructor Interviews and Stories: Discover the compelling journeys that have shaped our ski and snowboard instructors into the experts they are today. Gain valuable insights into the path to becoming an instructor and be inspired by stories of instructors who have left a lasting impact on their students and the sport itself.
  4. Resort Information and Guides: Experience the mountains like a local with our instructors’ insider knowledge of ski resorts. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems and share insider information in engaging video formats that will help to transform your trip into an unforgettable adventure.


The team at Maison Sport are committed to creating a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts and fostering a culture of passion and dedication. The YouTube channel’s goal is to be the home for all winter sports tips, tricks and insights whilst acting as a go to hub for skiers.

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