Award winning Baldwins Travel to expand into Lincolnshire for first time with new store

GRANTHAM, UK, 16 February 2024 – Baldwins Travel Agency, a multi award-winning travel agency in the South, is set to expand into Lincolnshire for the first time with its new Grantham branch.

The award-winning business has been established for over 120 years and already has nine branches across Kent and Sussex. It’s been family-owned, first by the Baldwins family, then by a Mr Botting, and then by the Marks family until 2021 when it was acquired by its new owners.

Its store locations include Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, Haywards Heath, Lewes, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tenterden, Tonbridge and Uckfield. The new store at the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre in Grantham is currently undergoing a makeover ahead of opening on March 4th.

The agency’s contracted Chief Commercial Officer, Dan Shaw, has also revealed that Baldwins Travel Agency is actively seeking opportunities to acquire new businesses in order to strengthen its presence and provide exceptional travel services to a wider audience.

The imminent opening will mark a significant milestone in the company’s expansion strategy. With its renowned reputation for exceptional customer service, extensive travel expertise, and a wide range of travel options, Baldwins Travel Agency has become a trusted name in the travel industry.

The overwhelming response from the Grantham community further fuelled the agency’s determination to continue its growth trajectory. Dan Shaw expressed his excitement about the company’s future plans.

“Following the planned opening in Grantham, we are thrilled to further expand our operations through strategic acquisitions,” said Shaw. “We are actively seeking opportunities to acquire travel businesses that align with our values and commitment to delivering unforgettable travel experiences to our customers.”

The decision to pursue further acquisitions is a testament to Baldwins Travel Agency’s dedication to providing exceptional travel experiences across a broader geographical area. By acquiring existing travel businesses, the agency aims to leverage their expertise and resources to enhance its service offerings and cater to a wider range of travel preferences.

As Baldwins Travel Agency continues to explore new opportunities for expansion, it remains committed to establishing new stores in the right locations across the whole of the UK, whilst also exploring other revenue drivers for the business outside of the traditional bricks and mortar, an area Shaw has extensive experience in.

Baldwins Travel currently employs 54 travel professionals who have been with the company throughout their travel careers. The experts have the opportunity to build their expertise through extensive travel experience of their own, and many are specialists in cruise holidays, safaris and winter sports.

Members of staff include specialists on regions including the USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, India, South America and the Caribbean. One of the Top 10 Canada specialists in the UK is a member of the Baldwins Travel team, and the Caribbean expert is particularly dedicated, having visited over 40 times.

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