“My solution to everything is start a business.” – An opportunity no matter where you relocate to.

Award Winning entrepreneur talks relocation and starting a business overseas on Clare Kay’s Moving Countries 101 podcast

Award-winning, multi-8-figure entrepreneur, Rebecca Page is passionate about helping people lead businesses that fulfil on their vision and interest.

This week, you can join Rebecca, who is in conversation with Clare Kay on the Moving Countries 101 podcast. Rebecca shares her perspective and values to reveal a deep wisdom that she now brings to her new venture to support people in setting up business across a variety of industries and irrespective of what country they live in.

Over 20 years ago, Rebecca moved from New Zealand to the UK. In true pioneering spirit, and not letting anything faze her, she trusted her experience of establishing businesses in New Zealand and set up her own business in the UK. She has gone from strength to strength and has a wealth of experience in buying and selling businesses and having them reach their optimum potential.

Listen to Rebecca’s top tip on how to discover your unique business, side hustle, or income stream as she expands on why starting a business presents itself as a solution, and as opportunity to be of service and contribution, no matter where you live.

Join Clare Kay as she showcases personal stories through her conversations with people who have moved overseas. The popular podcast focuses on helping people who want to move countries (no matter the location), sharing useful, actionable advice both before and after you make the move.

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